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E3.Cable : The ultimate solution to Cabling and Harnesses Design !

In today competitive market, customer high demand on cost effectiveness and ease of manufacturing is becoming top priority.  The complexity of electronic integration and interconnecting wiring design has also make it merely impossible to achieve requirement.  So how can companies accommodate the high pressure demand for quality product and stay competitive in the Cabling and Harness market?

E3.cable is an integrated design solution for interconnecting devices and designing cables and harnesses.  Its intelligent block functionality enables engineers to quickly represent dynamic equipment such as line replacement units (LRUs) or electronic control units (ECUs), while the hierarchy functionality enables a top-down or bottom-up design approach.  E3.cable also includes one of E3.series’ most powerful features; its ability to create multiple views of the same devices for design and documentation purposes.



Special functionality in E3.cable includes:

  • Block diagram creation
  • Automatic mating connector recognition for connectors
  • Cable and connector view
  • Import interface data from PCBs as Black Box
  • Component driven intelligent parts libraries
  • Support inline connectors and splicing


E3.cable is ideally suited for industries developing power and control harnesses for the automotive, off-highway and special purpose vehicle and aerospace industries, or those developing field cabling for plant and machinery.



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