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The starting CAD language for electrical designer!

Many companies are still doing their electrical design using the so called “Quick & Easy” drafting or basic design tools, but always end up finding themselves having discrepancies between CAD design and real manufacturing.  One will also easily spend hours, days or even weeks to produce reports and checking in primitive methods (eg. Manual inputs into Excel and manual print out check)


E3.schematic, a core to all e3.series modules and provides easy-to-use solution for designing and documenting electrical control systems including schematic diagrams terminal reports and PLCs.  It is designed for electrical engineers which includes real-time design rule checks and its intelligent component based parts library.  Its object-oriented architecture provides an integrated and consistent design approach to eliminate errors to improve design quality and reduce design time.





Some Key features of E3.schematic includes:

– Device duplication prevention

– Short circuit prevention

– Manual and auto connections

– Component driven intelligent parts libraries

– Online cross reference for connections and devices

– Multiple ways of smart zooming and panning


E3.schematic has the possibilities of importing and exporting multiple data formats: DXF/DWG, TIFF & related picture formats, PDF, STEP AP203/214 and many other more.  Terminal strips used in e3.schematic are transferrable to respective terminal configuration programs where they are verified and processed.

PLC data held in schematic is also read into excel where changes are applied and can be fed directly back into E3.schematic.  The advantage of checking for duplicate addresses ensures data accuracy when exported in the required PLC format.



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