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SPICE interface in CR-8000 Design Gateway – 2 –

Design Gateway have tools which can assist designers by referencing voltage information and component information associated to the schematic circuit.


Voltage Calculation

It calculates voltages of all nets in the circuit using DC operating point analysis and reflect the result voltages into the net properties.

Either PSpice, HPSPICE or LTspice can be specified for the DC operating point analysis.

This function divides the sheet into closed circuits to create a netlist for each closed circuit and carries out DC operating point analysis for each netlist using PSPICE, instead of calculate the whole sheet as a single netlist.

The main purposes of dividing the sheet into closed circuits are:

  • To reduce simulation time.
  • To improve simulations convergence.
  • To make possible voltage calculation even if there is no simulation models including ICs.





Circuit Adviser

In today’s design environment where design data can be processed/reused in various ways, circuit design errors can seriously affect a number of processes ranging from downstream board design to manufacturing processes. As the CAD/CAM systems for electrical components have achieved advanced vertical/horizontal integration, fundamental quality improvement of schematics has become a significant challenge all the more.

Circuit Adviser is a software application designed to prevent careless errors in circuit design that has such significance. It can execute various rule checks based on the properties set by the user for parts in a schematic or on a net to detect inadequacies and/or polarity errors against the ratings. Also, as no simulator is used, the user can set an appropriate net voltage to enable rule checks even for a circuit in process with incomplete wiring.

Simulation results become the net properties and used by Circuit Adviser for verification, such as Polarity Check, Rating Check and other checking. Check results and error targets can be easily verified by cross probing in result table.




Circuit Adviser checking rules:




Derating Verification Table Output

Part property and net property value result from simulation can be extracted into a derating list in excel format and verification of component rating can be checked with formula calculation against threshold specified in the list.



Since the extraction of derating list is automated, verification of component rating is faster, easier and efficiency compare with manual process of generating the derating list which is tedious and prompt to mistakes.