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SPICE interface in CR-8000 Design Gateway

An analog simulation environment with Design Gateway at its core.  With schematic integration and detail user interaction, it provides an operating environment which allows designers to perform circuit verification with analysis conditions and options set in the source schematic data.




Multi simulator support

Supports a variety of analog simulators such as HSPICE, PSpice and LTspice, but also invoke other Spice2G6 upward compatible, and allow switches between simulators easily.

In Simulation Manager, analysis condition , parameters, options , power supply can be specified, and then launch the simulator.


Analog Simulation Control Unit

Analyse schematics created with Design Gateway using various analog simulators and CR-8000 circuit verification solutions.  Using a variety of simulators available, designers can perform DC analysis, transient analysis, and AC analysis.



There are various analysis conditions can be perform for the simulation.



Partial circuit simulation support

Simulation can be run a specified section of the circuit or the entire circuit which make simulation easier and faster.



Display Voltage Operating point

Display Operating Point (DC) Voltage in the circuit by simulation result. And Volt Meter displays the voltage on the selected node in the circuit.



Model Search

Automatically searches for device models for each simulation and applies them in the schematic and simulation manager.



Design Variation

It works with design variation, it can simulate according to the destination by changing a destination when output the netlist.