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Design Force ECAD / MCAD Integration

3D product visualization is becoming a critical need as the electrical and mechanical designs converge with little room for error. Many companies cite ECAD / MCAD design synchronization as a significant product design challenge. Traditional 2D PCB-centric design cannot meet the needs of a 3D multi-discipline product design process.
Design Force ECAD/MCAD co-design functionality allows you to simultaneously manage ECAD and MCAD data, and easily visualize your product in 3D. The mechanical design collaboration functionality can be used to import mechanical enclosures, optimize part placement to mechanical constraints, and conduct collision and clearance checks in 3D.


Mechanical Object Organizer

The Mechanical Object Organizer is used to add the MCAD data to the Design Force ECAD data. The MCAD data for the camera is added to the ECAD PCB.



Align Function

To align PCB with mechanical enclosure, the MCAD alignment point of the Battery case and ECAD Alignment point of the PCB are selected.





3D Collision and Clearance Check

Design Force has the ability to perform various 3D collision and clearance checks.
Collision and clearance checks can be run on selected components and mechanical parts.




The Collision Notice functionality can be used to highlight interference points, assisting with subsequently moving objects to clear the collision.




Design Force can import and export STEP models so MCAD design data exchange is direct and without data conversion. True 3D component models and enclosures can be obtained from any number of MCAD design tools. Once imported into Design Force, the PCB or multiple PCBs can be oriented within the enclosure and checked for a required clearance or an actual collision. Using accurate 3D checks with a true 3D component model with a precisely-matched 3D shape, rather than simplified boundary boxes, increases the overall accuracy of collision checking and reduces the risk of prototype reworking at the manufacturing stage because of a fit problem.


3D Accurate Shape Part Assignment

In Component Editor, using the [Footprint properties] table, 3D mechanical file can be assigned to the accurate shape part attribute of the footprint being edited.



By using the Assign Accurate Shape Part command, you can set or clear the assignment of the accurate shape parts in the design data directly.



Supported Mechanical Data File Format